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My Life Force Testimonials


Jasna has helped me a lot with insomnia I suffered with mainly caused by the side effect of clonazepam and mitrazapine which were prescribed by my doctor. Jasna’s life-style coaching has also helped me to be more positive while I dealt with my health problem. My good health is back now and I sleep much better. Since the biofeedback sessions, I never went back to my doctor for any health advice. I rely on effectiveness of the biofeedback and for a long-term health concerns, I strongly recommend Jasna’s superior services with the Quantum Biofeedback.

Benedicto Cachola

I have been trying to conceive for years and went for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. It failed and my doctor was not optimistic, giving me 10% probability to become pregnant. So, I decided to use quantum biofeedback for fertility problems. Jasna truly helped me. I have had only 7 sessions prior to going back for another IVF try. Even though I was given 10% chance to conceive, this time IVF was successful. Thanks to Jasna and quantum biofeedback I am now a happy mother of a healthy baby boy.

Biljana Egelja
Eng., Toronto

I struggled for years with breathing problems caused by allergies. I went to see Jasna and with five biofeedback treatments I was able to breathe like never before. My allergies were gone. Even my father went to see her. That is how happy I was with my treatment. The atmosphere is professional, welcoming and Jasna’s energy is uplifting and inspirational. Her lifestyle coaching is amazing. I recommend Jasna’s work and the quantum biofeedback to everyone.

Biljana Egelja
Eng., Toronto

I have been suffering from tingling and temporary numbness of my left arm and fingers, following a mild stroke four years ago. I was led to believe that this was a permanent side effect of stroke. And then, a surprise – with only 2 biofeedback sessions all those symptoms were completely gone and my left arm and fingers returned to a normal, healthy state.At one time, I came to my regular biofeedback sessions with developed flu symptoms (pain in throat, chills, fatigue) and after the session I was symptom-free. I had difficulties accepting such rapid improvement in my condition, after only one hour of treatment. However, I went home perfectly healthy and energized.

Dr. Dejan Antic
Dentist, Toronto

As a dentist, I witnessed the elimination of a serious gum infection in one of my patients, using only Biofeedback sessions. From my professional experience, bacterial infections of such kind are always treated with antibiotics. In this case, the same results were achieved with no drugs, no side effects and it was very fast and efficient – with only two Biofeedback sessions. I was very impressed and will be recommending Biofeedback to my other patients.

Jasna is very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Sessions with her are relaxing, uplifting, and effective. Thank you Jasna for introducing Biofeedback to me and for an amazing experience!

Dr. Dejan Antic
Dentist, Toronto

Biofeedback helped me with perpetual mouth ulcers, migraines, anxiety, as well in finding clarity regarding my higher life’s purpose and direction. Through reading my body’s stress responses, this intelligent machine not only was accurate in detecting what was going on in my body, but I feel it also connected to my mind and soul. After 5 sessions, I found myself excited about life, less stressed, and I haven’t had a mouth ulcer or migraine since. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jasna, as she is a very understanding and insightful life’s coach. I can honestly say I will continue these sessions as they are improving the quality of my life without any negative side effect!.

Jennifer Bachelor
Nursing Student

I have been suffering from a mild insomnia for a number of years. However in the last year my insomnia became quite severe and I was on sleeping pills most of the last year. Within 4 sessions of biofeedback with Jasna, I started sleeping again. After 6 sessions I slept for 2 consecutive weeks without sleeping pills. Thank you Jasna: I can finally toss those pills away!

Mina Tasic
B.Sc. Pharm, Toronto

When I first came to see Jasna, I was not doing well. I had a lot of problems and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Jasna doesn’t just help you with a quick fix but she tries to find the cause of the problems and with me she helped me a lot. Quantum biofeedback sessions helped me especially with my muscle pains, anxiety, burning sensations on my skin, stress, and even confidence. She also gives great life coaching tips and I have learned so much from her. I feel so much better now than when I first started, people even tell me that I am a completely different person. So, I would recommend Jasna to anyone because she not only helped me with my physical and emotional problems but I would consider her a great coach and a friend.

Ryan Bartolomeo
Office Worker, Toronto

I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to try the biofeedback machine and see what it was all about. Right from the start when I was hooked up to it and the preliminary test was done I knew from the results that this is the real deal. The machine found issues which I knew intuitively existed. The accuracy was phenomenal. Once Jasna started working on fixing those issues I felt an influx of energy enter my body immediately. This process continued and the longer I lay there hooked up to the machine, peace and calm permeated my body. I knew I was in good hands at this point. Certain programs such as aura balancing I felt immediately and I felt the energy align itself with my crown within a minute of experiencing this program in my session. After the first session I noticed the results immediately in my mental and emotional state and this state became a permanent part of my existence.

Neven Paar
Architect, Toronto

Jasna’s energy is uplifting, positive, and very genuine. I always looked forward to seeing her at our sessions because of that. I felt a sense of inner calmness and relaxation after each time. It only took a few biofeedback sessions for me to begin seeing improvement in my skin and TMJ. I have tried many different healing modalities to help address these issues and biofeedback has definitely been the most effective. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Jasna’s professional service to anyone!

Vickie Chan
Hospital Tissues Coordinator, Toronto

I had the misfortune of suffering a serious setback with health that left me with a number of minor and major health issues (from skin afflictions to digestive complications). My doctors were trying to treat the various problems with an array of medications, but in a few cases the side effects proved worse than the original affliction. I had nearly given up hope of ever feeling healthy again when I found out about biofeedback. After one “live” (in-person) session and a series of long-distance (virtual) sessions, my minor health issues have been resolved and the major ones are almost completely gone. Furthermore, the treatments effectively manage any new problems that crop up, while life-style coaching has taught me various new ways to improve and maintain my physical and mental health. Jasna is not only a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional, her welcoming demeanor and genuine interest in the well-being of her clients are a refreshing change from the clinically cold field of western medicine.

Tamara Mihailovic
IT Specialist, Washington DC, USA

My wife Laura's kidney stone size sometime in January 2017 was 2.8 cm after an MRI diagnosis.  Weekly Indigo Biofeedback treatments for reducing or deactivating the kidney stone size started the week after the diagnosis.  Laura's follow up MRI test in early Dec 2017 showed a dramatic reduction in size from 2.8 cm to 2.0 mm.  This reduction in size was accomplished via distance sessions with Indigo and not in person, which makes it more impressive. We are looking forward to improvements in other areas of her health with the biofeedback.

Tom Chan
on behalf of Laura Chan, office clerk, Toronto

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

It has been almost a year since Jasna performed Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis on me. Since that time I have achieved the astonishing growth and progression in all areas of my life. Some might call it good luck or hard work, but it is much more than that – everything seems to come easily to me now, and I feel at peace. It almost seems too good to be true.
I came to Jasna with issues about my direction of life’s work. I was unhappy in my job, and worried about what would come of me. I struggled for over 12 years thinking of what career I should pursue. This year I got accepted full time in a competitive program at York University and absolutely love it. I am doing exactly what I am suppose to, what strongly resonates with me and doors are opening for me everywhere I go. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to travel around the Mediterranean this summer, bought a home, and found that I am standing up for myself, which was not the case before Tesla Metamorphosis. Amongst all, I am totally in the moment and just enjoying BEING NOW. Thank you, Jasna for introducing Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis to me and permanently improving my life.

Jennifer Bachelor
Nursing Student