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About My Life Force

MY LIFE FORCE is a private enterprise. It is committed to improving health and well being of clients through gentle, energy healing practices using the most advanced quantum biofeedback technologies and “Tesla Metamorphosis” energy healing modality introduced by renowned physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

MY LIFE FORCE’s founder, Jasna Krunic, is a passionate proponent for natural holistic health care.  She has fostered her expertise and wide breadth of knowledge through lifelong collaboration and studies, which complement 20 years of experience working with and coaching individuals, to help them reach their optimal level of well-being.

Jasna has a B.Sc in Psychology and has studied psychology and psychotherapy at both the University of Belgrade and the University of Toronto.  She has broadened her expertise in psychotherapy by specialising in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in Transcendental Analysis and she is a certified Silva Method Mind Control Practitioner and a certified Dynamind Practitioner.

Jasna’s success with My Life Force not only comes from her inner drive to help people but also derives from an understanding of the stresses in the corporate world.  She was a manager and executive in the insurance industry where she spent 16 years.  Her observations and insights, garnered through this experience with corporate stresses ranged from good to bad … from her leadership of teams in program renewal, to her experiences with layoffs, office politics and the bottom line … have all contributed to her capabilities to understand and help individuals under stress, help themselves.

Adding to Jasna’s education, corporate experiences and successes, was her introduction to a new integrative energy science called The Quantum Biofeedback and energy healing modality known as Tesla Metamorphosis.  That provided the spark for her return to what she now sees as her true calling:  the use of healing energies to help people achieve healthy, balanced lives and lifestyles.  Jasna undertook study and intense training through The Board of Advanced Natural Health Science (BANHS) to obtain her certification as a professional Biofeedback Practitioner to complement her degree and many other professional certifications.  At the same time she graduated as Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner for healing and for realignment of humans’ electromagnetic patterns into an optimal configuration.

Jasna’s diversified background provides her with a unique skill set, to help clients understand and reduce the stresses on their minds and bodies, and fosters her proven ability to coach people toward establishing improvements in their quality of life.

* Nikola Tesla was a renowned physicist and inventor at the beginning of the 20th century who sold many of his electric and electromagnetic patents to George Westinghouse.

Professional associations and membership 

  • Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIET)
  • Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association (QBAA)
  • Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS)
  • Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC)
  • Chartered Insurance Professional Society (CIP)